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Richard Jackson's Priorities


Police & Fire First!

I will make public safety priority
  • We have the best police officers, but we need more of them.
  • The population has increased almost 30% since 2012
  • Response time is not meeting goal
  • Our police staffing has not kept pace with our city’s growth
  • Our police are often recruited by other cities with better pay/benefits and advancement opportunities.
  • Residents overwhelmingly support Farmers Branch police; want to see more of them.

Fiscal Responsibility/ Lower  Taxes/ Sustainable Growth

I will bring my nearly 30 years of financial services experience to city spending to fight for lower taxes and maximize the use of tax dollars.
  • City Council could have reduced the 2022 tax rate but didn’t, resulting in an extra projected $1.4M revenue (mostly from property value increases) that is earmarked for streets, parks, monument signs and economic development.
  • American Rescue Plan grant funds of $11.9M will be awarded to Farmers Branch over 2022 and 2023. The city will spend $5M of it on 2 parks and $5.8M on Justice Center and Branch Connection renovations.
    • Why not use this money to meet police department needs, give tax rate reduction, and increase economic development efforts?
  • Farmers Branch is home to 4,000+ businesses that pay 73% of our city’s operating expense.  We should:
    • Consider increasing incentives to attract/retain more of the right businesses for Farmers Branch
    • Slow the pace of new multi-family development properties

Community Engagement

I will keep residents informed with transparency and timeliness.
  • Residents should know what City Council is discussing at the earliest stages
  • We should encourage residents to participate in City Council meetings and Study Sessions
  • We need to authentically listen to residents
I fought for Farmers Branch’s quality of life against short-term rental property owners that were inviting illicit and disruptive behaviors into our neighborhoods. I rallied the community and worked with City Council to create an ordinance that now holds these property owners accountable.
I will keep residents informed, will listen intently to resident concerns, and bring the residents’ voice back to City Hall.
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