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Farmers Branch Neighbors Are Rallying Around Richard Jackson

“It’s very comforting to have people like Richard around that truly cares for us seniors.”   -Helen Elliott


“Richard takes action to solve problems and will be a strong fiscal advocate protecting our tax dollars from short-sighted, wasteful spending.”  -Jenny Young


“A vote for Richard Jackson is a vote for a clean, well-run city with good business practices, safety of community, a vison for future growth, and an openness to listen to those who call Farmers Branch home.”  -Larry Young


“Richard has been an excellent neighbor and friend to us, for as long as we have known him.  His leadership has benefitted all of us who live near him and we are grateful for his service.  We have every confidence that he will be an excellent member of the City Council and will continue to serve the City in very practical and material ways for the benefit of all of Farmers Branch.” -Kristen & Sammy Bickham


“Richard Jackson is a great neighbor and will be a great leader for the community of Farmers Branch.  He is always the first person to help.  He is like family to us.  That’s why we are proud to cast our vote for Richard Jackson.”  -Reyna, Jessica and Michael Gonzales


“Richard has the innate ability to connect with people. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the board rooms with executives or walking the streets helping the less fortunate, Richard has a unique ability of making sure that people are heard.  I know that Richard will represent the people of Farmers Branch amazingly well.”  -Donald Fittsgill, Jr.


“Richard Jackson is a very giving person. Regardless of what he has going on, he is always willing to offer his help to everyone in need of it.  We are very blessed to have him as a friend and neighbor.  He will be a great asset to the residents of Farmers Branch as a Councilman.”  - Leticia and Amado Palavicini


“Knowing Richard for almost 40 years, I can tell you he is a man of character, courage and action.  He will be a strong advocate for all Farmers Branch residents.” - Shannon Boyer

“I truly appreciate the opportunity Richard Jackson gave me with my first corporate employment, the mentorship as well as the lessons learned of being a good person first and foremost, and how to be a great leader.  I’m proud of him for stepping forward. Because he is not a politician, he is one of us.  With his positive way of being, Richard will represent us in the manner we deserve without a doubt.”  - Juan Sanchez


“We support Richard Jackson for Farmers Branch City Council.  Ethically congruent, Richard is a compassionate, intelligent, positive thinker who sees a problem, feels the needs of neighbors and beyond, finds solutions, and then personally steps in to help.  He always sees things through!  Ready, willing, able, and kind...that's Richard. Proud to call him a friend and hoping to honor him as our councilman.”  - Mike and Vicki Harrison

Mary and Danny Fregia
Mark Alexander
Angel Amaya-Romero
Erika & Scott Anderson
Loree & Terrence Anderson
Ken Argo
Cheryl & Sean Averitt
Diane & Andy Barentine
Pamela & Ed Berndt

Linda Bertl
Kristen & Sammy Bickham
Andrew Boughton
Shannon Boyer
Brenda & George Brodrick
Larry Bryant
Judy Byrd
Jeffrey Caraway
David Carter
Denise & Ken Casper
Diane Clark
Geraldine & Luis Currea
Taunya & David Davis
Brandy & Chris Diamond
Kevin & Lynn Doster
Jerry Durand
Cary & Dimitri Economou
Helen Elliot
Paul Even
Meg & Donald Fittsgill
Marcela Flores
Valerie & Jay Freeman

Kathy and Harold Froehlich
Norma Garza
John & Shawna Gilman
Frances & Bill Glancy
Jessica Gonzales
Reyna & Michael Gonzales
Matthew & Lucy Gore
Janet & Phil Gumbert
Vicki & Mike Harrison
Nina Heaton
Charlynn Helms
Carl Hendin
Judy & Mike Henry
David Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez
Cheryl Howerton
Cameron & Callie Jackson
Lauren Jackson
Payton Jackson
Randy Jackson
Sherri Jackson
Alycer Johnson
Mindy & Dustin Jordan
Dr. Given Kachepa
Morgan King
Collin Kruse
Lauren Kruse
Lindsey & Marcus Lee
Elisa & Dean Lilly
Kristl & Les Linenschmidt
Laura Lowrey
Debbie & Terry Lynne
Clark Magee
David Mantooth
Cathy Martin
Jean McAlpine
Juliette McCollough
Alton McCreary
Kathryn McNeil
Bonnie & Ray Moore
Steven Morrison
Karla Murillo
Mary Natho
Robert & Aaron Natho
Roger Neal
Jonathon & Jayme Nemec
Chloe Norman
Lidia & Amado Palavicini
Vanessa Palavicini
Lori Palmer
Jim & Robyn Petrey
Nancy Picardi
Jenna & Brad Powell
Lee & Aaron Prengler
Ruth Renfrow
Joe Reynolds
Katie Roberts
Mary Rodgers
Juana & Juan Roque
Cesar Sanchez
Alec Schott
Jennifer & Adam Seely
Jonathan & David Smith
Karen & Don Smith
Sue & Graham Smith
Traci Spalding
Todd Spence

Bethany Stephens
Darci Steuerman
Avona & Eric Stewart
Betty Supinski
Sara Taylor
Madeline & Ernie Tiller
Jessica Timmons
Maria & Victor Torres
Christopher Tuveng
John Vickers
Jay Vineyard
Todd & Sonya Warren
Julie Wiksten
Shelley Williams
Judy & Ken Wright
Jenny & Larry Young
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